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Get the latest tutorials for various topics including Javascript, ReactJS, Python, Odoo, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, SCSS, Database, and others. I like all of these proramming topics and I would love to create project based tutorials. Stay tuned!

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Select featured topics below. These topics are all based on my experience. Some of them have no detailed explanation but includes the video tutorial.


Odoo PoS Tutorial

Get familiarized about Odoo PoS module structure using OWL Javascript Framework and on how you can easily inherit existing widgets that will match your needs.


Odoo Theme Development

Build your own Odoo Theme completely from scratch - new header, footer, pages, menus and static or dynamic snippets.

OWL Javascript Framework

Learn the power of OWL Javascript Framework in building your own app in Odoo. Using OWl, you can easily inherit existing components used by Odoo like view, field widgets, templates, etc.

GatsbyJS Tutorial

Learn how to create a new website using one of the best static site generation powered by ReactJS and GraphiQL.

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